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Music Producer & Sound Engineer

Tailored studio sessions and professional production services to provide a smooth experience and meet all your musical needs to bring your vision to life.


Kay is a multi-genre music producer and sound engineer who provides customised studio sessions and professional production services to help you realise your musical vision. Kay provides high-quality services that take your sound to the next level, from recording and mixing to mastering.


Beatmaking and instrumental production

Looking for top-notch beats that elevate your music? Get high-energy hip hop, smooth R&B rhythms, and more with our production services. We prioritize quality, professionalism, and your satisfaction to make your music stand out.

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Vocal recording

Experience world-class recording in a top-tier studio, equipped with cutting-edge gear and software to capture every detail of your performance. With Kay's expert guidance and personalised attention, you'll get the most out of your studio time and ensure your music sounds exactly how you want it to.

Music Equipment

Mixing & Mastering

Looking to elevate your music with professional mixing and mastering? Look no further than Kay, an experienced producer with credits on MTV News, Spotify Playlists, and BBC Radio.

"First time recording was incredible. Time efficient and affordable. Far better than any other engineers I’ve worked with. Would definitely recommend"
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